Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship 11  am

Our worship style is fairly relaxed, with lots of music and prayer, and includes participation from members of the congregation.

On the First Sunday of the month “we celebrate communion, with gluten-free bread and grape juice. All are welcome to partake at our open table.”

We have a choir with a talented music director, and we all like to sing.

Early arrivals to the church can join in a sing-a-long with a talented member of our congregation on piano.

After the service, people gather in the lower hall of the church building for refreshments and an opportunity to visit.

The first Sunday of every month we share Potluck Lunch – a time for food and fellowship.
Everyone is welcome to join us.

A ‘Sunday School’ is currently being offered to all children

on the third Sunday of every month.

Our Sunday School curriculum follows Progressive Christianity’s “A Joyful Path.” This behavior-over-belief curriculum connects children with their own inner wisdom.  It teaches interdependence, self-awareness, respect for nature, stillness, forgiveness, prayer, meditation, and integrity.  Using the Bible and other wisdom stories, A Joyful Path helps children learn how to follow the path of Jesus in today’s world.

A Joyful Path teaches children to:
Ask questions and be curious
Go within and find their own inner guidance and wisdom
Stay focused and calm when needed and to discover and harness divine energy
Be creative, share their gifts and continue learning about their passions
To take action toward their own successes and happiness
Find compassion for all beings, to be inclusive and tolerant,
to find the divine in All
Honor, protect, serve, and be in awe of Mother Nature
To know the history and mythology of our world religions and spiritual paths
To be heroes and heroines – to be brave, courageous, and to stand for peace and justice….
And much more!